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Dry Van Dispatch Service

Welcome to Dry Van Dispatch Service National Paralegals’ legal research web site, part of the OFNI group of Internet services. We are dedicated to performing professional, accurate, and comprehensive legal research for attorneys less expensively than has ever been possible before. We understand each Research Project is different. Therefore, Dry Van Dispatch Service Drywan Dispatcher depending upon your needs, you can receive: 


A list of relevant cases or statutes
Summary of important cases
 Legal Memorandum

This information can be used in many ways. For example:

Answering a client’s questionsDry Van Dispatch Service  Drywan Dispatcher
Learning about an area of law
Preparing for a hearing Dry Van Dispatch Service
Assisting in drafting a brief



How you utilize the information is up to you.  Our role is merely to provide you with an analysis of the law so you can make an informed decision. For this reason, we do not offer our service to the general public. We limit our customers to attorneys Dry Van Dispatch Service Dry Van Dispatch Service.

The best part is you know our Fees before any work is performed, so you can decide if it is within your client’s budget. Fees start at $69.00 for a list of cases or statutes and increase depending upon the complexity and breadth of the research requested.  For your convenience, with every Research Project, you will receive a copy of all cited references.

You do not have to worry about a conflict of interest, because we never ask for the name of your client or any identifiable information. Just like you treat all of your clients with the Dry Van Dispatch Service utmost respect, we consider each customer our most important customer. Dry Van Dispatch Service Consequently, we are not interested in who you represent or what is at stake because we do our best every time.

Ordering a Research Project Dry Van Dispatch Service is easy. Just follow the step-by-step instructions which will crystallize your question into a single issue. 




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